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Queens Safes Service – Repair, Installation and Combination Change.

Queens Safes ServiceNYC Safes proudly serves Queens, NY. We want to help you increase your security within your home or office with a new floor or wall safe. We have a professional staff ready to help you find the right safe for your needs. Our selection of safes includes all shapes and sizes including larger gun safes, small capacity document safes, key boxes, cash boxes and more. The minimum security you would want for your valuables and extra keys around the house would be a lockable box. We recommend at least getting a small capacity floor safe with the option of bolting it to the floor. These boxes can be made fire resistant and flood resistant and come with a large variety of lock types.

When it comes to lock types, you have many choices. Our electronic locks are secure and easy to use. These locks feature large, attractive keypads for convenience and style. Of course all of our locks have big bolts and pry-resistant hinges. These safes are durable and will not even break to fall damage. Feel free to ask us about each type of lock and we will find the best kind to suit your needs.

Brooklyn Safes ServicesWhen you purchase a safe for storing important documents and valuables, such as insurance documents, back-up computer disks, coins, watches, or jewelry, it is important to get fire-resistant safes. We offer these safes to provide your possessions in the event of a house fire up to 1700 degrees and many of the safes are also water proof in case of flooding in the house. Security is the number one concern, but with that comes the need to protect your belongings from natural disasters. Contact us now and we will be happy to find the perfect safe for you.


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