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Manhattan Safes ServiceNYC Safes serves all of the Manhattan area bringing you the safe storage that you need. Getting a properly installed safe or lockbox for your home or business can provide the added security needed ti avoid theft and natural disasters. Here in Manhattan, we can provide you with small capacity safes, cash lockboxes, gun safes, and more. It is common to store paperwork such as wills, deeds, and passports in a secure box to protect them no matter what.

We recommend getting a floor safe, which can even be bolted to your floor. These safes vary in size and shape and can have resistances to fire, water and fall damage. A fire and water resistant safe is tested up to 1700 degrees in case of house fires, and submerged in water for 24 hours in case of floods. These are great safes for document storage. If you need to store weapons to keep them away from guests and children, our larger gun safes also provide these resistances.


Manhattan Safes ServiceBurglary is one of the main reasons to purchase a safe and all of our safes feature state of the art locks. Our electronic locking and big bolt safes are resistant to prying, yet still easy for you to retrieve your possessions. They will take fall damage without breaking and are available with the ability to be bolted to the floor. Contact us now to talk to one of our professional staff and find out which option suits you best.


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