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Brooklyn Safes Service – Repair, Installation and Combination Change.

Queens Safes ServicesNYC Safes offers our safes in Brooklyn, NY. For residential or commercial use, our safes are available for all types of situations. The most important task for us is securing your important documents, jewelry, and weapons. Getting a safe is fast and easy and can instantly give you the security you are looking for. In the case of house fires or floods, we offer fire resistant and water resistant safes, which are guaranteed to keep your possessions safe while you get out of danger. These safes come with all of the same security as any safe including big bolts, pry-resistant hinges, drop-resistance, and more. Pick out the best style of lock for your situation when you talk to one of our experienced staff members.

In the office, it should be a priority to keep all of your paperwork safe from theft and environmental damage. We offer safes in the style of filing cabinets for this need. These filing cabinets offer the higher security as well as the fire and water proofing necessary to keep your business alive through a disaster. We also offer money safes and high security electronic locks for commercial applications.

Brooklyn Safes ServicesIn the home, a small capacity safe or gun safe might be what you are looking for. With the ability to be bolted to the floor, this safe will not leave the house. With the added resistances, it will not succumb to disaster or attempts of theft. Store your watches, jewelry, wills, or deeds in this box and be worry-free. Children will not be able to get to any weapons you have, yet you will still have quick access to the contents through electronic keypad or combination lock.


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