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Bronx Safes ServiceNYC Safes proudly provides safes to Bronx, NY. Properly securing important deeds, wills, office documents, and jewelry is important for any person. Storing weapons is equally important. We offer all types of safes for these reason including large and small capacity floor safes, gun safes, lockboxes, and more. Each safe also has a large variety of lock types from standard key locks to big bolt and electronic locks. Pry resistance and drop resistance are also included in these security safes.

We have a safe for every situation, which is why we have professional staff to help you find the correct safe. We can provide simple key lockboxes for petty cash and documents, or fully fire-resistant and water-resistant floor safes for weapons, documents, jewelry and more. Protecting your belongings from burglary, house fires and floods is our goal.

Bronx Safes ServiceMany people leave their important documents in file boxes or desk drawers, but these areas are not safe. Even if your house is secure, in the case of a fire or flood you would still lose your most prized possessions, important documents and computer backups. Even an affordable, fire-resistant small capacity safe could alleviate any worries you have about these possessions. With resistances up to 1700 degrees and 24 hours under water, rest assured that your belongings will be safe while you get your family to safety. Of course these safes can be used commercially as well, storing your office paperwork and keeping it safe and secure in public environments. Call us or contact us on the right to find out more about the types of safes we offer.


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